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Back soon

I’m a bit slower to come back into the blogging fold than I expected I’d be. Don’t worry. I’m fine, I’m not “burned out”.

I’m working 50-70 hours per week, and will be for the next 3-4 months, so I’ll be sporadic in my posting. Aiming for 3-4 posts per week.


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Work is heating up– a very good thing– and there’s a lot going on in my personal life. I’m going to put my blogging life on hiatus until Monday, November 9.

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I’m going to take a break from posting for two days. I’ll be back on the 23rd.

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I can’t say it enough times. The men’s rights (MRA) movement needs to divorce itself entirely from racism, and to end all associations with racists and “HBD” junk science. If MRA wants to be taken seriously as a movement, it needs to evict all associations with known racists and to amplify the liberal, gender-egalitarian, anti-racist voice of activists like this one.

Racism is disgusting, immoral, and downright evil. It’s also the most universally hated ideology (although, sadly, still an attitude many people hold) in the civilized world, so any movement that can be associated with racism is doomed to fail. We weaken our ability to be accepted by the mainstream if we accept racists under our umbrella. To include racism in one’s political strategy is to bet bitterly against social progress, and that I’m not willing to do. Racist political strategies worked– a deeply depressing fact– for the right wing into the 1980s, and were successful even in the 2000 Republican primaries, when Rove’s “black daughter” rumor sunk John McCain in South Carolina. However, they don’t work anymore, and even if they did, it’d be completely morally unacceptable to use them.

I am an MRA because I am a hard-line, no-bullshit egalitarian. If I were born in China or Saudi Arabia, where women are treated horribly, I’d be a staunch feminist instead. However, I live in a society where men are at a disadvantage, and I believe it necessary to correct these injustices. We can start by eliminating divorce theft and increasing the penalties associated with casual sex. Given the damage they do to the dating and marital environment, it is a crime not to jail and rehabilitate alphas for example.

Moderate and proper MRA is not about restoring some 1950s paradise that never actually existed, keeping women “barefoot and pregnant”, or limiting womens’ roles in society. It’s about restoring a culture that honors love and the family, and one that encourages men and women to be the best they can be. I want to see women succeeding in engineering and science, and I believe we should remove any social obstacles that make it harder for them do so. I want to see the formation of loving couples and families. I want to see women receiving equal pay for equal work. (However, I think women who sleep with alphas, and also those alphas, should have news of their exploits piped into their workplaces. Grass-roots action, friends.)

I’m also quite liberal, for the record. I fully support full rights (including marriage and adoption) for gay people, and my economic positions would be left-of-center everywhere except Scandinavia. My liberalism and MRA come from the same source: my deep desire to see social justice.

On a final note, I believe racism is responsible, to some degree, for the mess we’re in. Female indulgence is an outgrowth of the time-honored practice of putting white women on a pedestal. For example, the current epidemic of female misbehavior began in an era when men would put up with that shit in order to have a white wife. Those who evict racism entirely from their souls open up a much larger pool of women to date, and improve their odds of finding quality women drastically. Interracial and international dating advance the MRA cause and promote personal happiness, a double-win. The most powerful thing a male MRA or MRA sympathizer can do to combat female misbehavior is not to date, fuck, or marry misbehaving women– statistically speaking, a large proportion of those who take such an attitude will marry foreign women and women of color.

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No essay today.

Very busy today, so no essay. Social life’s humming, work is picking up, a great Haskell book came in the mail. (Why am I learning Haskell? For the hell of it.)

I’ll plug a post that I really liked, at Ferdinand’s blog: This is a great summary of the historical and present relationship between the MRA and the “Game” community.

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I will link to it when it is published.

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I didn’t intend, from the outset, for this to be primarily a dating blog, but the so-called “Roissy-sphere” attracts me. Why? On the front lines of cultural decline, I’m terrfied, quite frankly. There’s no other way to put it. I’m 26 in less than two weeks, and I’m starting to recognize the significant probability of being a lifelong single up to age 96. Given the background of a dying culture, there are just very few decent women left, and thousands are being taken off the market or chewed up (rendered irreparably damaged by casual sex and combat dating) every day. It’s an insane, brutal, and degrading race against a ruthless, earthquake-inducing damage clock.

Being alone for a few months or years doesn’t scare me. I’ve endured much worse. Being forced to be alone for five or more decades, because of something I didn’t create and can’t control, is frightening. In the off chance that I do manage to find a woman worth marrying, what of my children? If they’re going to be born into a society anything like the U.S. of the 2000s, I don’t want to have kids. What could be more cruel than setting people up, people who do not exist yet, for inhumane suffering at the hands of an imploding culture? Frankly, I can think of so many reasons not to have children that I’m surprised so many people do: the ludicrously expensive “educational” rat race beginning in preschool and culminating in the trend-ridden and increasingly ridiculous college admissions process, a society that still rewards bullshitting rainmakers better than those with talent and competence, and the utter buttfail that is the modern dating process.

I enjoy Roissy for his insightful analysis of what is wrong with women and dating in the U.S., and on these topics he’s often spot on, but he offers no solutions. Game is no solution; it’s an adaptation to a battered and hopeless world. The pick-up artist is a cultural cockroach, a creature that thrives in damaged environments. Game doesn’t improve men or women, so much as it’s a way of exploiting their debased state for personal benefit.

There’s hope. I’m not ready to call the nadir yet, but it may have already passed. Explanation of why I consider this possible will be given in future posts. We seem to have entered the stark, unforgiving– but eerily beautiful from a distance– World of Ruin out of which heroes rise.

For your Saturday morning viewing pleasure, I offer two light-hearted dating-related videos that I’ve enjoyed.

1. Close But No Cigar. Weird Al is brilliant. But don’t just listen to this video; watch it as well. The animation was done by John Kricfalusi, the genius behind the Ren and Stimpy series. About a man who ruthlessly rejects women over minor faults, it’s a reversal of modern dating, whereby quality men are turned away over extremely mild events of social awkwardness (i.e. a lack of “game”).

2. How a PUA Handles Being Dumped. This is epic. There are few things more beautiful in this world than the impeccably-orchestrated dismantling of an evil woman.

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